Sports Flooring Mats

Different kinds of sports flooring

The entire world of sports and athletics is very diverse in nature, not only because of the different types of sports being played, but the use of different types of surfaces to play these sports too. Since all the sports differ from each other in terms of their features, characteristics, and rules, they also differ in terms of the surfaces on which they are being played.

The following are the popular and different kinds of Sports Flooring Mats used for different purposes:

  1. Maple Hardwood Flooring:

Talk about the gym flooring and that’s when this kind of flooring will strike up into your mind. This flooring is considered to be the most famous kind of indoor flooring which is mostly preferred for basketball courts. The maple hardwood flooring is quite durable and good-looking as to its appearance. These days, you can also choose them in different colours, patterns, and designs.

  1. Polyurethane Athletic Flooring:

This kind of flooring is referred to as one of the most durable floorings that happen to any indoor sport. The Polyurethane athletic flooring can easily handle the heavy equipment and weights from the athletes as well as their sports. They could also be customized to suit the requirements of a fitness club or health centre.

  1. EVA Flooring:

The EVA Sports Flooring Mats are very much in fashion today because of their many advantages. These floors are made up of foam tiles as well as mats which include EVA products. Thus, the EVA flooring serves as a perfect option for the kids’ sports room as well as the gym where you can easily use them to practice your art. The overall thickness of these mats can bear heavy mats. Another advantage – they come with an interlocking system as well.

These sports flooring mats are where the weights are lifted, training is done and the sports are enjoyed

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