Practicing Yoga – Benefits in Professional life

Most of us are well aware of the health benefits of Yoga. The slow and subtle movements, asanas and poses of Yoga along with controlled breathing and mindfulness do much beyond just strengthening and building body flexibility and endurance. It helps a person lead a perfectly balanced life by strengthening the mental balance, boosting positivity and keeping negative emotions, depression and anxiety away. It is not only a stress buster rather a way of life for those who want to reconnect with their inner self.

Apart from the personal benefits Yoga has a lot more to offer people in their professional life as well. Many companies have started practicing Yoga at workplace to improve employee productivity.”Yoga can help people cope up with the challenges in their professional life and
hence enhance overall performance at work.”


It all starts with Breathing

Yoga starts with breathing and deep breathing has a great significance in Yoga. So during the time of heavy stress at the workplace don’t forget to take a few deep breaths or do a short breathing meditation. It will have an immediate effect and will help reduce the stress to a much greater extent.



Practicing mindfulness (self-awareness) in yoga can greatly help a person learn how to be in “the present” more. As we practice mindfulness, we can be more involved in our day-to- day interactions with fellow teammates, gain a better understanding of them and form healthy bonds. We can connect more intently and have active participation in all the business meetings rather than getting disinterested and distracted in a fraction of time, thereby giving better results and be motivated.


A quick Yoga session at office desk helps remove chronic body pain and stress

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer in the office can cause chronic stiffness and pain in your body especially in neck, shoulders and lower back region. So moving your body and doing simple yoga exercises like neck circles, wrist and finger stretches, seated crescent moon pose, seated forward and backbend, seated twist, desk shoulder opener, chair pigeon pose, desk upward facing dog, desk plank pose etc. in short breaks can greatly help to rejuvenate and release stress from the body.


Relaxes and instills Self Confidence Practicing Yoga imposes relaxation response in mind and body. Calming poses and controlled breathing brings mind and body to a relaxed state. Researches have proved that practicing yoga makes your mind strong enough to maintain
your calm even in the most demanding situations hence no stress, depression or anxiety. Also as a person practices Yoga and improves his techniques, he starts believing in his own abilities, which acts as a great confidence booster. The same thing applied in the professional life can make him perform his best at the workplace.
Enhances employee productivity Practicing Yoga can greatly improve a person’s concentration and memory power. The person gains ability to learn faster, which helps him learn new skills to upgrade his performance at the workplace. Practicing Yoga helps a person develop an open mind and get more creative with problem solving on different levels at workplace. In order to excel in Yoga real commitment and self-discipline is required. You have to sincerely manage your time and efforts. Self- discipline and time management skills acquired through committed Yoga practice can be applied in the professional life to enhance the overall work productivity.

Yoga has immense power to transform your life by unhooking it from chaos, stress, pain and confusion and anchoring it to complete mental clarity, relaxed mind, health and success. It helps develop an overall positive outlook towards life. It will equip you with all the necessary tools you need to perform your best at your workplace. So make yoga a part of your life and success will eventually follow.