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Acrylic Based Flooring

The Acrylic Flooring Solutions that we offer you are of high quality and resistant to water. These Acrylic Floorings find applications in colorful paint coating of stadium, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court and other playing courts, community, footpath, playground and so on.

The specifications of our offered Acrylic Floorings are as follows:

  • Water solubility
  • Non-pollution
  • Fast drying
  • Short construction
  • Moderate thickness
  • Good wear-resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Water-proof
  • Slip resistance
  • Breathability


  • 2.0mm-3.0mm

Useful Life

  • More Than 5 years

Construction Technology

  • Acrylic middle coating: add quartz sand, then coat 1 time with towel to strengthen ground property of slip resistance, press resistance, and impact resistance.
  • Acrylic topcoat: use non-ferrous topcoat to roll-coat two times to make ground anticorrosion, dust-proof, wear resistant, water-proof, and easy to clean.
  • Basic ground treatment: clean, repair and then polish according to the ground condition Line plotting: accordance with playing court standard.
  • Water primer: roll-coat once to enhance surface adhesion.

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