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Kids Yoga Mats

At (Matsindia), we understand that kids are very cute and their skins are very soft. So, we have brought up Kids Yoga Mats for Kids in order to keep the kids fit and healthy. In the production process, we have used Eva foam and other materials so that the mats remain skin friendly and provide extra softness without irritation to the kids during their yoga practice. In order to encourage the kids to use the mats, we have printed several designs on the same. We are sure that the kids love these mats and use the same for their yoga practice. Available in standard size, we can customize the range as per your provided specifications in terms of materials, designs, size and thicknes.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Firm enough to stand
  • Non-slippery surface
  • Odour free
  • Soft enough to protect your body
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Water resistant

Available Thickness:

  • 3-4mm
  • 4-5mm
  • 5-6mm
  • 7-8mm
  • 8-10mm
  • 10-12mm
  • 12-14mm

Available Sizes (Inches):

  • 24”x 72”
  • 28”x 72″
  • 36”x 72”
  • 48”x 84”

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