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Innovative scientific and technological achievements:

With our collaboration with Beijing University of chemical materials and engineering experience center, we have developed a strong R&D which is constantly engaged in examining the strength and movement of floor from 2017. After investing two years in rigorous research and fact finding, we have developed a kind of compound body mechanics that meets the needs of the sports. We have developed a floor brand with high grade physical properties, compatibility, characteristics of PU& rubber which is environmental polymer and is a new nano material.

Professional sport performance:

OES Outdoor Sports Floor is made up of hard surface and elastic interior. It features good shock resistance and rebound resilience which makes it a superlative choice. Because of the stable friction coefficients, the floor can buffer the motion impact hence avoiding injury for athletes during warm-up sessions or final heat.Mentioned features make Outdoorsy Sports floor as one of the best choice for professional sports area.


OES Outdoor Sports Floor has good temperature resistance; therefore, even if the temperature range goes from +100 C to -40 C, Our floor has good tolerance and hence has good performance. In addition to this, it has abrasive performance, water-tolerant, skid resistance, aging resistance etc.Because of the high tensile strength, elongation of this product is twice s compared to foam floor, so it has more utility. With greatly improved floor life, the service life of our high quality flooring is above 15 years.

Super bearing capacity:

OES Outdoor Sports Floor is a homogeneous floor which turns out to the fact that it doesn’t have any foam layer mixed with it hence even if any heavy machinery rolled on the floor; it won’t affect the physical index of floor because of its super bearing capacity. These floors are used as multi-purpose floors.

1.5 mtr x 15 mtr x 2

1.5 mtr x 15 mtr. x 5.0

1.5 mtr x 15 mtr. x 8.0


Elastic layer and reinforcement layer guarantee the ball bounce rate to 90%; which is the amount of energy returned to a bouncing ball when it comes in contact with the floor. The higher and more uniform the ball rebound, the better playability and hence the better is the floor. Our flooring meets therequest of the professional sports for the ball feel. It resolves the problem of soft andunevenly rebound material.


We tend to design our floor according to the movement of human body mechanics, hence a reasonable hard coarse surface, with moderate friction, elastic and not soft bottom structure is developed for providing excellent grip to athletes. Our floor allows an athlete the right balance of slide and grip. A slippery surface can lead to falls and injuries. Too much traction can stop motion abruptly, also causing injury. Our floor provides the enough friction when starting turn, jump and sudden stop and it effectively solve the skid phenomenon caused by wet surface and ensure that the foot feels comfortable.


It is especially designed for professional sports. It provides effect on buffer absorption andshock protection. This property reduces the strain, increase comfort, and lessen fatigue in the lower extremities. Increased shock absorption relates to a safer floor.


Innovative hard surface layer provides adequate physical base for the stable movement,multi-directional moves & rapid movement needs. The under layer modulus of the elastomer providereasonable transition from hard to soft structure. If flooring deformation is uniform, athletes are less likely to be injured.