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Yoga Belt


The Yoga Belts or Yoga Straps that we offer you are very useful and assist you in attaining correct postures by providing the required tension of a pose without strain. These Belts are extensively used for binding in postures like Supta Padnagusthasana (Reclining Hero stretch), Urdhvamamukha Janu Sira sana (head on knee) and as a support in postures like Paripurna Nava sana (the boat). You can avail the both standard and extra-long Yoga Belts and either wide 38 mm wide (1.5″) for extra support or traditional narrow 1″ cotton Yoga Belts.

We offer you a choice of Metallic buckles or ABS nylon ‘D’ rings that lock the belt firmly and are easy to adjust. You can wash your Yoga Belts/Straps in washing machine at 40 degrees.

Technical Specification



  • Available in a variety of color options
  • Has ‘D’ring buckles that helps in easy adjustment
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Various length options available

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Non – Slip surface

  • Good floor grip
  • Strong base for yoga
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    Super Easy to Clean

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    Easy to use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Interlocking Mats?
    The interlocking mats are today used in wide variety of sports/activity circumstances and centres. The interlocking feature provides for joining of the mats on the floor, so that any area can be covered specifically and fully.
    Can be use these interlocking mats for multiple sports flooring?
    Yes, we can use these Mats for many sports activities(kabaddi, karate, Dojo, Jiujitsu, Taekwondo, Wushu) including strength training, and martial arts.
    what are the technical specification of interlocking mats?
    Technical specification of interlocking mats

  • Thickness – 35mm/ 25mm/ 30mm
  • Density – 130-140 kg/cubic mtr.
  • Raw Material – Japanese Synthetic Rubber + EVA
  • Hardness – 30-35 Degree Shore A
  • Size – 1meter* 1meter
  • Features – Dual Color Interlocking Mat, Both Side usable with anti-skid design.
  • Manufactured in India
  • What unique colours are available with us?
    Following two colours are available-

  • Magenta / Yellow
  • Orange / Light Blue
  • Red/ Blue
  • How many pieces of interlocking mats are required in Standard play area?
    Not less than 130 pieces of interlocks are required for standard area.
    What material is specified for interlocking mats?
    EVA Foam material is best.


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