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Yoga Belt

The Yoga Belts or Yoga Straps that we offer you are very useful and assist you in attaining correct postures by providing the required tension of a pose without strain. These Belts are extensively used for binding in postures like Supta Padnagusthasana (Reclining Hero stretch), Urdhvamamukha Janu Sira sana (head on knee) and as a support in postures like Paripurna Nava sana (the boat). You can avail the both standard and extra-long Yoga Belts and either wide 38 mm wide (1.5″) for extra support or traditional narrow 1″ cotton Yoga Belts. We offer you a choice of Metallic buckles or ABS nylon ‘D’ rings that lock the belt firmly and are easy to adjust. You can wash your Yoga Belts/Straps in washing machine at 40 degrees.


  • Available in a variety of color options
  • Has ‘D’ring buckles that helps in easy adjustment
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Various length options available

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